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PCT : WO 02075151 ; EP: 1370767


   When I was a child we spent whole summer in our orchard house. In 1951, when I was 10, I thought that I can produce electric by means of the electrical generator of my a few months old bicycle to light the house since at that time we used kerosene lamp there. As driver of the generator I planned to use the wind and I produced a propeller like that I saw in war movie airplanes. I mounted a rubber lined wooden wheel to the shaft of the propeller, let drive the electrical generator of my bicycle by the wheel, laid cable to the room and connected it to the bicycle lamp's bulb. Then I sat fascinated in front of the bulb until I fell to sleep and looked the its light that was gleaming and fainting exchangeably acc. to the speed of the wheel. Next day I told this to everybody I met.

   In 1958, when I first saw the sea and how huge is the moving mass of the water by means of waves I started to think to find a solution for using this energy rationally. The oscillating movement of the waves calls in mind the piston pumps. So, to pump the water to a high level and then to drive with it a turbine was a good idea a first sight but salty water of the sea was environmentally not a "good" water. Later, I was thinking to do it near to a river, since river water would be better for the environment. In any case, I produced several solutions but no one seemed to be the final solution.

   I was thinking that there should be a means that is technological, calculable, easily useable, controllable and suitable to produce linear energy. As I collected more and more experience by energy transmission, storing, making things linear and to be able to manage automatic control of them, I started to realize the system I have in my mind. As the efficiency of the system is good enough, the energy transmission is closed circuit, there is no loss, maintenance and operation can be done with a minimum number of personnel, I thought this system is the final solution and applied for a PCT Patent on 15.03.2001. (PCT : WO 02075151; EP: 1370767)

   On 27-29 Nov. 2001 I introduced the wave energy in Turkey Energy Forum. After that Istanbul Technical University (ITU) asked me for a presentation in the university. Starting with this presentation, I participated in symposiums and conferences in several chambers of engineers as lecturer more than 40 times, to explain the system

   In 2004, after two Turkish organizations the KOSGEB which borrowed 70.000 Euro with no interest and the TÜBİTAK which declared its support, I produced a model of my system and launched on 19.05.2005. The first piece was 1/1 in size but sat on two axis and therefore it started to move together with the wave. Soon the time came to pay back to KOSGEB, on the other hand TÜBİTAK paid only 38% of the costs done in 2005, i.e. the support was too small and I could not personally carry all these costs. And therefore I should stop the model construction.

   Metin ÇOKAN

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